Thursday, July 26, 2012

America’s dirty-little-highly-known secret is that “American” = ”White.” It doesn’t need to be stated or highlighted because it’s assumed. With whites being the majority in this country and everyone else being initially disenfranchised, the very idea of being an American has been tied to whiteness in ways that are still being fought against today.

But America isn’t all white. Whites are losing their “market share” of the population day by day. In many major cities across the country white citizens are a minority, and this fact is disconcerting for many.

But the magic part of “America” is that this definition, this supposed default image of the physical representation of our country folk can be challenged, argued against, and, above all else, changed. America was built—in theory—to be welcoming and to represent all kinds. That sort of rhetoric opened the door to direct assaults on this default image. And as Americans of all races, creeds and colors create families and rise through the layers of class and careers, what being an American means is being redefined in a way that many who felt disconnected from the history and heritage of this country are finally feeling a part of—even proud of—what being American is.

But too many Americans still believe “American”=”White.”

Elon James White, Mitt Romney’s Special Kind Of White

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